Mitski, podcasts, bracelets, and pecan pie make today’s #postvember17

  1. Had a few interesting moments at work today – am excited for a meeting with some peeps tomorrow to talk about possible alternative textbook projects.
  2. Listened to the 99% invisible podcast episode about Ponte City Tower and was (again) inspired to go to South Africa – I hope I can some day.
  3. Going to hunt down a film shot entirely in the Ponte City Tower elevators in the 90s that was mentioned in the podcast.
  4. I really need to get back to making protest bracelets – they gave me a type of meditative practice that i really need right now.
  5. Listened to the Cars Heartbeat City last night and enjoyed the “filler” tracks.
  6. Listening to “A Different Light” right now by the Bangles and am not as fond of their filler tracks.
  7. Was looking through the notes app on my phone and realize that most of the stuff I consider notes are actually short story and poem ideas – and shopping lists.
  8. Looking forward to Thanksgiving next week – going to make another (or hopefully several) Dark chocolate bourbon pecan pie(s).
  9. About to start going through all of my old pre-digital photos and know there are a lot of photos of abandoned tech (a la the featured pic for this post).
  10. Really excited that I get to see my brother Al in a couple weeks when I go to Vancouver for a long weekend.
  11. You should listen to Mitski’s album “puberty 2” – and related – I think I’m going to start blogging once a week about a vinyl album we have.

My cranium’s bigger than yours, poetry, vinyl, and a hawk for today’s #postvember

  1. Yesterday I almost got hit by a hawk that “stopped” in mid air to avoid a head on collision it seriously was this close.
  2. Measured my head and it is officially 25.5 inches around.
  3. Do you know anyone with a bigger head than mine?
  4. If so, pix will prove it and I’ll be happy cause I have NEVER met someone with a bigger noggin than mine – please release me from this solitary huge head club.
  5. Bought several albums today at an antique mall – will update later, but key purchases included: The Cars’ Heartbeat City, Willie Nelson 4 LP Greatest Hits, and Bangles’ Different Light.
  6. Was happy to be a part of a long shout out (that continues) on twitter surrounding #worldkindnessday which basically just spread around some love to many of the thoughtful people I have met online over the past several years.
  7. For some reason having a Grace Zabriskie & David Lynch photo as my desktop background has made me feel inspired and weird in all the best ways.
  8. Once I find them, a bunch of my old colour pencils will be upscaled thusly.
  9. Excited to be back in and engage there a bit again – I’m daniellynds if you’re over in there.
  10. Was lucky enough to be part of a presentation/performance by Laif Bolat – it was great and I summoned up the courage to actually read a poem called “What of it?”
  11. Today reminded me that I love reading poetry aloud – will need to do more of that action ASAP.



Downie, dataviz, data4democracy, and the Bon for #postvember #dailydan

  1. Pretty awesome that Keegan Long Wheeler jumped into the #postvember mix with a post on 11-11.
  2. In addition to the convo Keegan, John, and Kin and I had last week, Tim Clarke is going to adapt teh jigz up as well.
  3. Bonnie Stewart presented at Davidson last Friday on how to use social media while teaching and mentioned a piece I wrote a while back about the Five Stages of Twitter.
  4. Before coming to Davidson, Bonnie was attending TriangleSCI, which she said was a wonderful event with cool people – I’m hoping to attend somehow next year.
  5. For the #TriangleSCI live twitter chat I made a #dataviz using socioviz.
  6. Have listened to Introduce Yerself many times over the last week and I must say that it really is an excellent set of songs.
  7. Its not really an album, though, its more like a long meditation on life and friends and families and love and trust and pain and all of the things you go through in life.
  8. Listening to the textures and lyrics really makes me think about how many people we meet in our lives and how we end up engaging with the people we meet.
  9. If you have the time, I highly recommend taking the time to listen uninterrupted to the whole album and just really take it in.
  10. My work at HybridPedagogy is awesome – I am helping to edit two new pieces in the coming weeks.
  11. Finally got around to joining Data for Democracy today :)

two hundred eighty and other things for #postvember #dailydan no. 06

  1. That dang twitterz rolled out the 280 character limit today after weeks of trials and tribulations, which has bummed out a lot of people because of all the things the twitterz could have done, more characters was probably a lower level priority for most.
  2. My first 280 character tweet is/was and forever shall be epic.
  3. Another pal of mine deleted a bunch of their old tweets and was welcomed into the #deleters club.
  4. It was a mostly inspirational day on the twitterz and this tweet really made me reflect on how people need to be critical about how they are being critical.
  5. Some pretty cool critiques of the new limit were posted and I think this one digs at a bunch of different levels on how/why we engage as we do.
  6. A most wonderful piece I helped edit was published today and if you care about new forms of writing you should definitely check it out.
  7. Working on an interesting podcast assignment for a course on the history of math with a faculty member and will share back later how that all unfolds.
  8. I’ll be facilitating some things in several classes tomorrow and it will be a fun/challenging day.
  9. Sundi and I brought in munchkin donuts to the office this morning to much happiness.
  10. Listened to two 99% invisible episodes today and so far they have not been a let down at all.
  11. Trying to figure out what my first soiree into podcasting should be – suggestions?

Learning new sonicscapes at Bon Iver, never too much coffee, and another #postvember #dailydan no.05

  1. Ive written before about how different musical acts could teach us things about how and what we teach, so was inspired to wrote about this again (albeit briefly).
  2. I saw Bon Iver last night in Charlotte the at the Fillmore and it felt like a truly engaging learning experience.
  3. It was a musical environment all about learning how to move between sonic and kinetic environments that we would only encounter there.
  4. Many moments were like tearing entire ugly holes in the fiber of what we thought we understood to be sound, but then they turn on a moment and we are back in the soft melodies of the forest – so good that we bought the latest album on vinyl, came home, and gave it a spin (see featured image).
  5. They play together through “mistakes” and, for me at least, echo Pollock’s idea of while painting being in the painting – part of it as a process and trying to live with whatever actions you take while there.
  6. We always ask students to take risks – experiencing Bon Iver at the Fillmore nudged me to be more bold in what I do and how I engage others.
  7. My main 3 takeaways: be bold – you may find your people, be patient for the moments you can find meaning in, and be aware of those around you – the crowd was around 2000, but none of them were hecklers.
  8. This last bit is the most important I think – awareness (hopefully) leads to empathy and that is what is most vital in educating.
  9. A colleague told me today (or yesterday?) that she really doesn’t understand how I can drink so (too) much coffee – who’s laughing now that I won’t be able to sleep for hours … huh?
  10. He’s wrong about so many things everyday, but him belittling a brave woman for asking about extreme gun vetting is a real ravine in my opinion.
  11. Got in a twitter convo about how hard it is sometimes to be here during this administration and for some reason I ended up feeling excited about the spirits I see rising from my communities (esp now with VA blue – #winkwink).

Another #postvember feat: @bonstewart, contrafabulists, bon iver, the thirsty beaver, and other heavy stuff

  1. Bonnie Stewart showed up on Saturday and seeing her is always invigorating – she is one of our oldest friends and we owe a lot of who we’ve become to her generosity and awesomeness over the years.
  2. She wrote this piece yesterday which is a pretty great read (of course).
  3. Our early morning podcast listening life has now moved on to the contrafabulists – you should check it out if you care at all about educational technology.
  4. Going to see Bon Iver tonight in Charlotte which should be pretty great – I grabbed some extra cash today cause I’m hoping to pick up some vinyl.
  5. Went to the Thirsty Beaver on Saturday night – it is one of the truest forms of what one could call “development activism” I have seen anywhere – if you ever make it to the neighbourhood, you should defo drop in.
  6. Working on a few “fun” projects right now, a defo fave is an entry (or two?) for a GIF competition – you should join in as well :)
  7. This weekend I swear to get back to making activist bracelets – moving, travels, and travel stuff the past couple months has really delayed a lot of stuff I want to keep working on.
  8. Our house really does look great now that all the rooms are almost done – will post pics soon.
  9. In my first #postvember, I talked about how hard it is sometimes to type even a few sentences with what is happening in the world and with yesterday’s shooting in Sutherland Springs it feels much harder now.
  10. For what it’s worth, I think now is EXACTLY the time this country gets “political” about gun regulations and do ANYTHING to at least further limit access to guns – its clearly a really complex situation and would take forever to regulate, but this country really needs to do something.
  11. If you like NYC and calendars, then you should check out my pal’s 2018 NYC calendar.

Some more sentences on #tiedayfriday, Gord Downie, Bryn Mawr Digital Competencies, and collaborations for #postvember

  1. Things can get weird when you’re openly posting about projects in the works – sometimes you end up with cool other people proposing directions (follow the thread on that) that you’d not really thought of and are thankful for.
  2. Meeting on Tuesday with Keegan, John, and Kin to talk about point one and am super excited about it :)
  3. Everyday I see what the current admin is tweeting about I feel so confused for the direction of this (and other) countries – so many things that in the past would have been impeachable, yet this fellow has entirely muddied what is “normal”.
  4. On an entirely unrelated note, I got my final email stating that my permanent resident card is on its way, which makes us happy because it affords a lot more opportunities eventually.
  5. Last weekend we met with representatives of several colleges to talk with/through/about the Bryn Mawr digital competencies model, which is pretty wicked.
  6. We started talking this week about how we may use a modified version of this framework on our campus.
  7. My #tiedayfriday game this week was not at its best – working from home every other Friday, while more productive than office days, I somehow feel less inspired or exposed to random stuff and so it sometimes influences my vibe.
  8. Am quite happy with the collage I made last night (above and featured image), although its still in progress technically – I’ve called it “the dog is in the detAIls” for the time being and am thinking about whether i should add eyes or not.
  9. Had fun testing out Quick Draw with Google – I would probably had more things recognized if I used a drawing implement of some sort or other (drawing with trackpad = #fail for me anyways.
  10. Gord Downie died recently and his new album dropped after his passing.
  11. When you can I highly encourage you to put it on loud and give it all the attention you can cause its pretty wonderful.

Your #dailydan no. 2 – with sentences on teh jigz up, kindness, stranger things 2, edit-a-thons, & GYBE for #postvember

  1. Working with Kin Lane over the past many months and presenting with him at opened17 and del17 has been a pleasure and I think we have a pretty scalable and cool project framework now for teh jigz up.
  2. Please do fork and use the above link and see if you can create your own jigz – if not DM me and I’d be glad you to walk you through it over some sort of video-esque type synchronous chat thingy-ma-bob and hopefully we can make some together ;)
  3. After (hopefully) forking and using we should all get together and start making some #GraphicGit stuff together – #amirite?
  4. After yesterday’s post, I remembered how good it feels to share out some happenings in the world and how “happy” it makes me to get feedback from the small corners of me “teh internetz” – so thanks to all who commented, shared, liked and what-have-you.
  5. This greet tweet from Amy Collier reminded me what I feel generally about large ed tech conferences and how technocracy shouldn’t be outrightly hidden in cheery forecasting because what should we be doing in highered other than being critical of the things around us.
  6. After reading this wonderful piece on Hybrid Pedagogy, I shared it out to some people that I hope will take up the call to lead an edit-a-thon somewhere – I’m going to bring the idea to some faculty here at Davidson College for sure, as well as others in my network.
  7. If you’re like me and you pretty much MUST have music (without words) playing in the background you should get/stream the latest Godspeed You! Black Emperor album “Luciferian Towers” – it builds in beautiful ways and is so wonderfully intricate.
  8. Finished season 2 of Stranger Things last night and (NO SPOLIERS!) was impressed(in a way the sophomore effort of almost everything isn’t as “good” as the first one), but will emphasize this: DO NOT WATCH EPISODE 7 – it is literally a waste of an episode – it does not have a single interesting moment and does not further the plot at all.
  9. Please seriously heed number 8 above.
  10. Was looking through my phone photos and posted one that I loved from the trip to Hermosa Beach a couple weeks back.
  11. Recently been calling myself a “Traveling Collagist”, because the last few trips I’ve taken I’ve packed my cutting mat and acquired/borrowed glue, exacto and/or scissors – the image in this post is an early draft of one of three collages I later “finished” in LA – (for those of you who don’t know I’m a huge lover of collage and have a small sampling of my work on teh internetz).


how i will hopefully write myself out of a slump this #postvember

  1. This is the first daily post of my own self-imposed-get-me-out-of-a-funk-postvember: 11 sentences everyday that take spatterings from things around me and present them as possible drafts/posts for the future – I got the idea from #ds106 daily create, #digiwrimo, #novowrimo, among other things, and I just need to get stuff out there so there isn’t so much trouncing around inside.
  2. Our world is aflame with controversy, creativity, technology, travesty, aggressivity, and wormholes of reality – my world is complex and full of many of these things, although for the most part it is a privileged, safe, and fun place to be.
  3. I have muzzled myself a lot lately for many reasons, one of the main ones being that my niece died last month and I have been tense/sad/worried about the repercussions of her passing.
  4. I presented at two pretty interesting conferences over the past couple months and had a chance to reconnect with old friends/haunts in London and hang out for the first time in Hermosa Beach in LA (conference was in anaheim) with two incredibly engaging, fun, and smart people.
  5. We moved into our new house in Charlotte over a month a go and it has been a draining and rewarding experience AND I was Lurch at our halloween/house-warming party.
  6. We have listened to several cool podcasts during our commute (am: Charlotte → Davidson, pm: Davidson → Charlotte) which I will talk about in later posts.
  7. My blog series where I reported every 33 days of my time at Davidson College ended (for now) after just 2 installments because of points 2-5 above.
  8. #336699 will return at some point, or not…
  9. This time of year always reminds me of my mom – her birthday was halloween.
  10. My playlist has mostly contained Mitski lately.
  11. Top reading(s) of the past few months: Leonora Carrington