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Hello (again?) :

In addition to what you’ve read/heard about me in other spaces, I am also trying my best to shake the racist roots/environments I grew up in/through. As such, I’m an active troll hunter in numerous online communities. But that’s not why you’re here. So …

Since you’re here allow me to sum up some of myself in four words: explorer, aesthete, technologist, and jester:

EXPLORER because I’m Canadian but have spent a lot of my life in countries other than the Great White North.

AESTHETE because I appreciate the subtleties and nuances of things. During and after my BFA in Film, I have continuously sought experiences that challenge and transform my sense of the world. For me, stopping to appreciate the small things is essential.

TECHNOLOGIST because of my mother – Mamie, who spoiled me from a very young age. That one Christmas she gave me and my brother an Atari set a course for my curiosity of all things digital. Moving around the world, I have continuously experimented with and made things with whatever technologies I can find. Their affordances amuse, confuse, and sometimes concern me.

JESTER because I was raised on a mashup of British, American, and Canadian media, and have performed in plays, bands, meetings and classrooms. I love to work with people who have a playful side; people with an urge to make things that invoke thoughtful interaction between various elements.

Working as an Instructional Designer for the past 15 years allows me to collaborate with people on making their work as impactful and open as possible. Most of my work grows from my interests in storytelling, social network analysis, open education, and cultural theory.