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some video work

“VIDEO” Things I have made with others over the years!

As a proper geek, I implore you to watch these LARGE & LOUD!

“ATLAS SHRUGS” ~ by our band ~ GlassPocket
Music video – editor

Submission for Radiohead #rhvignette video Competition ~ Cinematography by the lovely @sundilu

Submission for East Anglican Film Archive MashUp Competition

“Bitter, Sweet, Tears”
Trailer for unfinished film project – video

“Sundi & Daniel – Collage and Vine Show”
Composite of Vines made based on collages at the GUILD GALLERY PEI

“Tests for Short Video Ads”
Proposal for Halifax Jazz Festival – animated video

“petra” ~ also by ~ GlassPocket
Music video – editor & actor

“summer” ~ yet another piece from ~ GlassPocket
Music video – editor & actor

“mosquito” ~ even more ~ GlassPocket
Music video – actor

“ugly” ~ and more ~ GlassPocket
Music video – “actor”

“vines – volume one”
2012/2013 – Vine App

“art battle 275”
me painting for the first time in 20 or so years