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I’m a Canadian interdisciplinary artist who nerds out on ties, collages, higher education, video editing, coffee, and dark chocolate – I am also trying my best to shake the racist roots/environments I grew up in/through. As such, I’m an active troll hunter in numerous online communities.

Since you’ve landed here you may want to know some stuff about this Daniel Lynds guy – well to sum me up in four words I’d probably go with: nomadic, aesthete, technologist, and jester.

NOMADIC because I’m Canadian but have lived a lot of my life in five countries other than the Great White North. By the time I graduated high school I’d attended 18 different schools. Before becoming enamored with the problematic beast that is higher education, I felt beat up by the educational system. One of my favourite refrains is: “Grade 10 was the best 5 years of my life,” and I’m not really exaggerating. But that’s for another time.

AESTHETE because I appreciate the subtleties and nuances of things. During and after my BFA in Film, I have continuously sought experiences that challenge and transform my sense of the world. Working and living in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North American has afforded me possibilities to experience diverse approaches to art and art making in many contexts. For me, stopping to appreciate the small things is essential.

TECHNOLOGIST because of my mom. She spoiled me from a very young age and the Christmas she gave me and my brother an Atari 2600 set a course for my curiosity of digital things. Meandering around the world, I have continuously experimented with and made things with whatever technologies I can find. Their affordances amuse and confuse me.

JESTER because I was raised on a mashup of British, American, and Canadian media, and have performed in plays, bands, meetings and classrooms. I love to work with people who have a playful side; people with an urge to make things that invoke thoughtful interaction between various elements.

Working as an Instructional Designer allows me to collaborate with people on making their work as impactful and open as possible. My work centers around digital storytelling, social network analysis, open education, and cultural theory.

As an editor at Hybrid Pedagogy, a critical journal / community / conversation / study, I find myself constantly engaged with scholarship from international voices focused on the connectedness of critical learning, teaching, and technology in culture. This work feeds my interests in collaboratively building sense making in the humanities and beyond.

If you’ve made it this far down the page you must be committed! Thanks! Have a gander around things I do on teh internetz through the menus! If you wanna connect with me please do so via my social meedz feeds ;)