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Open Writing Experience/Experiment

Let’s pretend that we were schooled in places that didn’t care so much about how perfectly words and sentences and paragraphs and phrases and chapters and songs are put together.

What if we were from a place where, instead of everything being entirely standardized and aesthetically euthanized, it bred openness to structures. And systems. And codes. And agency.

If we take these precepts into writing, this openness, would it be seen as an experiment? Hasn’t it been done in so many ways, in so many places, in so many wordspaces?

Sure it has. There have been movements that have shattered how we perceive all forms of communication ~ that’s how it should be. As a species with upteen ways of communicating, we should always try to expand the envelope(s) of how we share our inner imaginings. Our inner us.

But that is not what this thing is about. At least not entirely.

This thing is about sharing works in progress as they grow out and hopefully find even tiny audiences that otherwise they may have missed. This thing is about connecting with other people who want to share their inner imaginings with people they would otherwise probably not encounter. It is about anyone who wants to join in to find pieces of themselves that hitherto have not emerged.

This thing is about who we become as we share drafts of what we have worked on as we navigate this giant lab experiment of species(es). It is the open experience that we hope to engage with.

We are the:




Or on the internetz, we are #OWE via #SNCengl307

Please do join in the fray. Post your own work under the hashtag(s).

Share your constructive feedback.


You #OWE it to yourself ;)

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