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Learning new sonicscapes at Bon Iver, never too much coffee, and another #postvember #dailydan no.05

  1. Ive written before about how different musical acts could teach us things about how and what we teach, so was inspired to wrote about this again (albeit briefly).
  2. I saw Bon Iver last night in Charlotte the at the Fillmore and it felt like a truly engaging learning experience.
  3. It was a musical environment all about learning how to move between sonic and kinetic environments that we would only encounter there.
  4. Many moments were like tearing entire ugly holes in the fiber of what we thought we understood to be sound, but then they turn on a moment and we are back in the soft melodies of the forest – so good that we bought the latest album on vinyl, came home, and gave it a spin (see featured image).
  5. They play together through “mistakes” and, for me at least, echo Pollock’s idea of while painting being in the painting – part of it as a process and trying to live with whatever actions you take while there.
  6. We always ask students to take risks – experiencing Bon Iver at the Fillmore nudged me to be more bold in what I do and how I engage others.
  7. My main 3 takeaways: be bold – you may find your people, be patient for the moments you can find meaning in, and be aware of those around you – the crowd was around 2000, but none of them were hecklers.
  8. This last bit is the most important I think – awareness (hopefully) leads to empathy and that is what is most vital in educating.
  9. A colleague told me today (or yesterday?) that she really doesn’t understand how I can drink so (too) much coffee – who’s laughing now that I won’t be able to sleep for hours … huh?
  10. He’s wrong about so many things everyday, but him belittling a brave woman for asking about extreme gun vetting is a real ravine in my opinion.
  11. Got in a twitter convo about how hard it is sometimes to be here during this administration and for some reason I ended up feeling excited about the spirits I see rising from my communities (esp now with VA blue – #winkwink).
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