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Ddigpins, ID, and Another 336699

Today is day 66 on the job at Davidson College as Instructional Designer and the last 33 sure passed faster than the first 33. It has been a fun chunk of time in which there has been tons of great posts from others in the field, a bunch of interesting projects at the college, and one unforgettable conference. My first post of 336699 was focused more on actual projects at the college, where this one will be tangental at points as it attempts to address a few things hanging in the balance.


Ddigpins is a continuation of #Digpins which aims to help participants cultivate their “digitalness” in (our current instance) Instructional Design. We are running this version on Ddigpins in a bit looser style as it is for the 5 of us Instructional Designers only and it is during summer so vacations/conferences are pacing things out more. Each week a different ID is responsible for the CTA, and last week Robert McSwain asked us to reflect/share on a ‘a ha’ moment when it comes to us starting down the ID path. I thought long and hard after watching his video and failed to come up with my moment. Not from not having one, but from having so many. Instructional Design has been a pseudo-dream job for me as I get to be creative in how I do things, collaborate with smart/cool people, and constantly learn new things. A recent post from Kerry Pinny on learning technologists (essentially IDs) had this great quote about ID work:

I would say my work now is mostly in the bottom five lines here more than the others, but this goes to show how diverse and dynamic ID life can be. Many great posts of late have reflected on the ID praxis and how entirely complicated and complex it is. So maybe that’s MY ‘a ha’ moment – I love doing this work because of its complexities. Over a decade ago when I started my M.Ed.Tech, I met an ID community online and realized how interestingly diverse their projects/positions were. I’d found a line of work that incorporated many of the things I loved as an educator and required many elements of my creative background as well.  I’ll write more on this later I’m sure.


As this week is my turn to spark and engage the team, I thought I would talk about something I am quite excited about – D-D-D-D-D-DOMAINS! Domain of One’s Own (#DoOO) has been running at Davidson for a few years now with some courses requiring students to have a domain for their projects. ITS has decided to push DoOO as an “anchor” technology which means we need to build out a bunch of pieces for creating awareness around various initiatives.

One of the most exciting bits in here is we’re looking at crafting a community portal for all of our Domains. We are looking to pilot this in several courses/disciplines this Fall and are excited at what it will look like. I’ll probably report back on this in the next 336699 post.

For our CTA this week (I’m looking at you idteam_digpins) I would like you all to share and reflect on a social/community site that has been transformational in your work as an ID.



As a pseudo continuation of my CTA, the project I’ve been working on most is Over the past couple months I have been getting more and more involved with our Domains at Davidson initiative. Before and after the Domains17 conference we have been looking at ways to create more of a sense of community around our Domains initiatives. Over the past month we have chatted with Tom Woodward and Jim Groom about adapting some work they’ve done at other colleges. We would like to create a community site where all of our domains can interact with each other and be social somehow. Our community pages will have a variety of ways to filter posts and content.


We have meetings and consults set up with internal and external people over the next few weeks. For the next few months we will focus on building more literacies around Domains through class visits and consults. As we build out our resources we will focus on scaffolding the community pieces into messaging.


Our first big meeting was today. There are many others planned, but we will focus on some pilot projects first and build out from there. Will defo report back on this in the next 336699.

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  1. Scott Denham Scott Denham

    Hey Daniel I need one of those meetings to get DoOO figured out for Humes.
    Thursday this week quick chat? I’ll check yr schedule

  2. daniellynds daniellynds

    Choose away sir :)

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