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Your #dailydan no. 2 – with sentences on teh jigz up, kindness, stranger things 2, edit-a-thons, & GYBE for #postvember

  1. Working with Kin Lane over the past many months and presenting with him at opened17 and del17 has been a pleasure and I think we have a pretty scalable and cool project framework now for teh jigz up.
  2. Please do fork and use the above link and see if you can create your own jigz – if not DM me and I’d be glad you to walk you through it over some sort of video-esque type synchronous chat thingy-ma-bob and hopefully we can make some together ;)
  3. After (hopefully) forking and using we should all get together and start making some #GraphicGit stuff together – #amirite?
  4. After yesterday’s post, I remembered how good it feels to share out some happenings in the world and how “happy” it makes me to get feedback from the small corners of me “teh internetz” – so thanks to all who commented, shared, liked and what-have-you.
  5. This greet tweet from Amy Collier reminded me what I feel generally about large ed tech conferences and how technocracy shouldn’t be outrightly hidden in cheery forecasting because what should we be doing in highered other than being critical of the things around us.
  6. After reading this wonderful piece on Hybrid Pedagogy, I shared it out to some people that I hope will take up the call to lead an edit-a-thon somewhere – I’m going to bring the idea to some faculty here at Davidson College for sure, as well as others in my network.
  7. If you’re like me and you pretty much MUST have music (without words) playing in the background you should get/stream the latest Godspeed You! Black Emperor album “Luciferian Towers” – it builds in beautiful ways and is so wonderfully intricate.
  8. Finished season 2 of Stranger Things last night and (NO SPOLIERS!) was impressed(in a way the sophomore effort of almost everything isn’t as “good” as the first one), but will emphasize this: DO NOT WATCH EPISODE 7 – it is literally a waste of an episode – it does not have a single interesting moment and does not further the plot at all.
  9. Please seriously heed number 8 above.
  10. Was looking through my phone photos and posted one that I loved from the trip to Hermosa Beach a couple weeks back.
  11. Recently been calling myself a “Traveling Collagist”, because the last few trips I’ve taken I’ve packed my cutting mat and acquired/borrowed glue, exacto and/or scissors – the image in this post is an early draft of one of three collages I later “finished” in LA – (for those of you who don’t know I’m a huge lover of collage and have a small sampling of my work on teh internetz).


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